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Palliative care meetings

Palliative care meetings

ELCT Health Directorate organized two Palliative care meetings in Arusha on the 5th and 6th, May 2022 involving different Palliative Care stakeholders including the Ministry of Health (MoH), the president's office for regional administration, and local government (PORALG), and others within and outside ELCT network. One meeting was for the development of the final draft of the revised Palliative Care policy guidelines and another meeting for experience sharing on the provision of the services, scale ELCT is the major provider of Palliative Care services in the country through 23 hospitals and 11 lower health facilities. Also, supports the scale-up of Palliative Care services to other health facilities owned by the government and other FBOs.We share the same goal to improve the quality of life of people with incurable diseases and their families.

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