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Vunja Ukimya

  • This is a project under the clinic and community based reproductive health under the support of church of Sweden.
  • The project aims to easy the access to SRHR information, education and services among adolescents and youth in 10 Districts of Tanzania through 10 ELCT hospitals located in those places. The project will be scaled up to other places upon the availability of funds using the experience gain from the piloted areas. The currently hospitals implementing the project are; Selian, orkesmet, Nkoaranga, Marangu, Machame, Haydom, Izimbya, Ndolage, Nyakahanga and Bunda.
  • The target is to reach 10,000 adolescents and youth yearly. Working both with the in school and out of schools of 10 to 19 years.
  • The project has provided mobile phones to the trained youth focal persons to easy the communication between health providers and adolescents and youth.
  • Linkage between the community and the facility has been strengthened for comprehensive care

To help keep in touch with family back home, the ICT lab is often open at weekends.  Every afternoon the swimming pool is open, staffed by our lifeguards.. Students who join us with limited swimming ability soon catch up with their friends, and this access to the pool means that boarders also form a large portion of the swimming team.

On Sunday mornings, Matron takes a trip to church for those who wish to worship. Although we are a secular school, students’ beliefs are respected and supported. Students of all faiths are welcome, and we always seek to meet their differing needs. Our Kitchen does not serve pork.  Students observing Ramadan are provided with meals at the times that they require to support fasting during daylight hours.

Core areas of the project.

Sexuality education

Reproductive health

Gender Based violence

Minstrel health management.

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